Velotrack test on TV2

January, 2017

Vice-chairman of the Hungarian Cyclists’ Club (HCC) tested Velotrack in Budapest Downtown.

Velotrack in Forbes Hungarian edition

December, 2016

An article was included about Velotrack in the IoT supplement of the December issue. Forbes introduced the new market segment based on communication of things over the internet.”

2016 November Velotrack on HWSW conference

November, 2016

Velotrack was invited to introduce the project on the HWSW conference. Near thousand participants were attending the hardware-software developer conference, where the business development director presented the complex solution behind the Velotrack easy to use service.

On M5 television

October, 2016

Velotrack presented its GPS based e-bike security solution on M5 television channel. M5 has a countrywide coverage and its program ‘Tudós Társaság’ (‘Tech talking heads’) focuses on high tech and research & development.

Development with Stringbike

September, 2016

Velotrack jointly with Stringbike is developing the next generation of the On Board Unit. This model will fit not only e-bikes, but all kinds of bikes. The professional experience of Stringbike’s team is a guarrantee for creating an excellent mounting and housing kit.

Eurobike 2016

August, 2016

Gepida's latest product 'Cargo Bike' was an award nominee at Eurobike Expo. Velotrack is the provider of a GPS based fleet managment solution for those bikes. With Velotrack the fleet owner can real time monitor, track and locate all the bikes in the fleet.

Velotrack system for rental bike fleet

July, 2016

July 2016 Velotrack started its first e-bike rental system solution to serve customers around the Lake Balaton. Velotrack is proud to become partner in the project, locating and managing the e-bike fleet.

Velotrack system is open to external users

May, 2016

Velotrack became available for external market participants, via their API data communication platform. The GPS based bike security system provides data for 3rd party industry players in order to integrate Velotrack system’s GPS based data for a variety of uses, i.e. CRM systems or fleet management solutions.

Velotrack at the Science Festival

April, 2016

Velotrack was invited to The Science Festival in Budapest to present their GPS based bike security system. Science Festival is one of the biggest innovation and technology festivals, with participants from universities, tech companies and startups and from other areas of the Hungarian science community. Great interest during the event, with positive feedback.

Biketronic uses Velotrack in high-end powerful e-bikes

March, 2016

Biketronic the Austrian e-bike manufacturer introduced the latest models in Austria with Velotrack system. Velotrack provide the GPS based security solution for Biketronic, who produce high end bikes. Biketronic plan to deliver the complete product range with Velotrack system , in order to know bikes safe, having all the statistics about rides and to locate others. The solution covers whole Europe without roaming fee.

"Ihr Fahrrad wird bewegt": Warnung kommt aufs Handy

Vodafone powered Velotrack

February, 2016

Vodafone serve Velotrack with the M2M global data platform. The Vodafone Machine to Machine (M2M) service used by Velotrack cover whole Europe seamless and can be used also worldwide. The Velotrack security system benefits are – available without roaming cost, works with all mobile operator and give safe solution.

Commercial product launch

October, 2015

After the development phase the final commercial product for bike manufacturer is available. Velotrack worked together with 3 bike manufacturers on the field tests, and closed the live test successfully. Many positive feedbacks collected for the future, and the first units have been delivered.

Velotrack on DLD in Israel

September, 2015

Velotrack project was invited to Tel Aviv introduce their GPS based bike security system. Digital Life Festival is one of the biggest innovation and technology festival with multinational companies, startups and investors from all over the world. The interest from the Industry was very high and Velotrack have positive feedback.